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Matt Millen is a Football Analyst. How?

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How does Matt Millen have a job as a football analyst?
How does Matt Millen have a job as a football analyst?

Is there a more ridiculous sight, than watching the post-game analysis of a Monday Night game when Matt Millen appears on your television screen? How does this guy have the credentials to be a qualified NFL analyst?It is insulting to my intelligence to see a guy who demonstrated an inability to evaluate NFL-caliber talent properly in his tenure as the Lions' general manager to be on TV giving opinions on football.

This guy managed to piss off an entire state with his piss poor management, calling his own team's players "fags" and described one as a "devout coward". He ruined a franchise, that is just now getting their feet back on ground and had more good draft picks in last year's draft than Millen did in his seven year tenure. To be an analyst you should probably be able to exhibit some kind of prowess in your profession.

It's also funny to see a network like ESPN bring a guy on that got so much attention on their telecasts for his horrific personnel decisions. I wonder if Millen realizes he's working with a bunch of people that are on record as saying he did an awful job as a general manager and were calling for his head years before he actually got canned.

The best part was yesterday on air, Millen was asked to evaluate what makes Aaron Rodgers such a good quarterback. That must have been some kind of joke. How could anybody listen to his analysis knowing his track record and trust him to be right? Anybody remember the legendary Joey Harrington era? This guy actually inspired a nationwide phenomenon of bringing Fire Millen signs to games that didn't even involve the Lions, including a Kansas Jayhawks basketball game.

It's a gigantic f*ck you to Lions fans that this guy is being put in any position where he can give his opinions on football related issues. Here's to hoping Matt Millen's turn as an ESPN talking head ends faster than his time as the Lions' GM.