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Cowboys Fans: The Annoying Optimists

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I hate the Cowboys.  As a Bills fan that grew up watching two Super Bowl beat downs at the hands of Big D it's hard to not to hate them.  Not only that, but growing up an hour north of New York City, I grew up on a steady diet of Giants and Jets games.  I was too young to even remember that the Giants beat us in a Super Bowl and with the Jets being a division rival I developed a strong affinity to the Giants as my second favorite team.  

Side Note: I was 3 when they lost to the Giants so I have no recollection of that Super Bowl, but during the losses to the Cowboys I was 5 and 6.  I became a Bills fan because I felt bad for them that they got beaten so badly both times by Dallas.

Neither my support for the Bills or the Giants however is the reason why I get such pleasure out of rooting for the Cowboys' misfortune.  What really gets me going on that account is the way Cowboys fans just have a way of exaggerating anything and everything related to their team.

Tony Romo is an all-time great.  The Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl this year.  Every year we have to hear some bullshit excuses when your team fails to live up to your bloated expectations.  This is then followed up with the usual talk about how next year is going to be different, which it hasn't been for 14 years now.  

Romo is an above average quarterback.  Forget top-5 in the league, the guy is the third best quarterback in his division behind Eli Manning and Donovan McNabb.  

You're team is not a Super Bowl contender and hasn't been since your last playoff win in 1996, so don't act like the Cowboys are the shit.  If they make it to the playoffs this year, which would be surprising, don't make the mistake of hyping them up as some kind of dark horse.  When you have the same exact players and Wade Phillips as your head coach for three years, without adding much significant talent, the results are not going to change.

Also, please stop talking about the tradition that is the Dallas Cowboys.  You're starting sound like an NFL version of Notre Dame fans.  Nobody cares anymore that you won three Super Bowls in the early 90's and we really don't want to hear about those unforgettable teams from the 70's.  

I know how it is to support a perpetually underwhelming team with the fan allegiances.  So for your own sake, just stop being shocked by your team's continued failure, because nobody else is.