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Tennessee's Famous Hostesses

The NCAA is investigating some of the University of Tennessee's football recruiting practices that involved the use of "hostesses" in recruiting prep and high school players.  From reading the rest of this article it seems that the "hostesses" can be called out on what they actually were doing; getting real cozy with some high school kids.  One recruit, Marcus Lattimore, described the hostesses as "real pretty, real nice and real cool", which I read as, "yeah those b*tch*s sure put out".  Lattimore also said that he thought they had a "large influence" in a couple of his teammates' decision to commit.   

This reminds me of the Colorado football program that was accused of using sex and alcohol to recruit their players.  At least Lane Kiffin wasn't paying cash to an escort service to come and"entertain" some recruits on a campus visit, which is a good thing. Then again we'll find out how these "hostesses" were rewarded for visiting recruits during their high school football games and persuading them to commit to Tennessee.  Is the university's reasoning going to be that the "hostesses" explained to the players how they fit into their scheme and the kind of program they are trying to build?  I'm very excited to hear more about the details of this story.