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The Worst Wild Card Weekend

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Maybe that seems ridiculous after watching the Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers play a 51-45 game that involved over 1,000 yards of total offense and featured two of the league's top quarterbacks at the top of their game and dropping dimes all over the field. Unfortunately that was the only enjoyable time I spent watching football this weekend.

That game was the only highlight of a wild card weekend that's level of excitement was better suited for the NFL pre-season. The Jets and Bengals played the single most mind-numbingly boring game I have ever seen in my life. Cincinnati managed to set the game back fifty years with their offensive display on Saturday. This is a team better suited for the NFL's beginning years before the forward pass became a critical part of the game.

Just take a look at Carson Palmer's numbers. 18-36 for 146 yards, 4.1 YPA, 1 TD and 1 INT. I know the Jets defense is really good and that Darrelle Revis is the best cover corner in the league, but open up the playbook a bit. Palmer has way more ability than to be used primarily as a bridge between the center snap and handing the ball off to a running back with interludes of throwing five-yard crossing routes.

Congrats to Jets fans everywhere. Now you can continue to build your team up as some kind of dark horse Super Bowl contender only to have them get smoked by the Chargers next week in San Diego. If the Jets win the game next week I'll shave my head. Look for a picture of me to be uploaded on this site very soon with my full head of hair.

I'm pretty happy I actually gave some props to Tony Romo last week, but the rest of the Cowboys deserves praise as well for the two-week ass whooping they laid on Philadelphia. Looks like DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer will be spending plent of time in Minnesota's backfield with Brett Favre. The Vikings need to make sure Adrian Peterson has a big day, otherwise gunslinger Brett will be spending plenty of time on the Metrodome turf.

The Eagles were so awful I actually changed the channel with about nine minutes left in the second quarter and watched Goodfellas for the six hundredth time in my life. I'm not sure if I'm more amazed by the Eagles' ability to find new, excruciating ways to piss off their fans with playoff losses or by how Ray Liotta's failed to capitalize on his lead role in one of the iconic films of the 90's (that's two decades ago now by the way).

New England thanks for showing up. Better luck next year. Hopefully Tom Brady will be more comfortable in the pocket next year. A key to that would be blocking for him and having any semblance of a competent running game would help also.

Props to the Ravens. You went in to New England and slayed the beast and then proceeded to act as if you had just won the Super Bowl. I understand being happy, but a little class would have been nice to see.

The Ravens are dangerous as long as their defense can create turnovers, something Peyton Manning does plenty of in the playoffs, but I still don't think they can upset the Colts unless Joe Flacco can actually be trusted to throw the ball more than 10 times.

The matchups for next week look great, particularly in the NFC where all four teams look like they could make a Super Bowl run. Considering the teams I wanted to see in the Super Bowl, Cincinnati and Green Bay have been knocked out, I'll be rooting for Kurt Warner to end his career on a high note.

Would you bet against Kurt after his postseason performances dating back to his days with St. Louis? Out of all the quarterbacks left in the playoffs, there isn't one that can match what Warner has done under postseason pressure and that includes the eternally childlike Brett Favre.

Let's hope the divisional round will top the lack of excitement, Cardinals-Packers aside, that this wild card weekend provided us.