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Something is Up at USC: UPDATE

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Last night we posted this poll, probing fans thoughts on the timing of Pete Carroll's departure of USC for the great wet northwest. The vast majority of FOF readers (83% of you) felt that the Pistol Pete was looking to get away from USC before the sh*% hit the fan.(scandal, recruiting violations, NCAA Sanctions, etc...) Admittedly, this isn't rocket science...and a lot of people saw this coming. If Carroll gets away from USC before these issues surface, he comes away smelling like roses, much like Calipari did at Memphis. But if he waits until any of these negative stories break, he either resigns in disgrace or he is forced to stay to avoid the appearance of abandoning ship. Well, Pete's timing was impeccable, because just hours ago, sh*% and the fan were cordially introduced as it was reported that USC assistant coach Dave Watson was addicted to painkillers...and Carroll allegedly knew all about it.

Something tells me that this is just the tip of the that the likeable Carroll is leaving Los Angeles, I think the media may start reporting on a lot of things that they swept under the rug in order to stay in the program's good graces. I think we should get ready for a salacious few weeks. FOF will continue to report the news as we read it, hours after it's been reported by major and legitimate news organizations.