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1/11/10 - Hookin Em All

Texas Longhorns - While it may seem a bit strange that we pick UT to be on our team only a couple of days after they lost the national championship, this is more of a body of work type selection. The Texas football team got hosed last year and came back this year and ran the table in what turned out (based on their bowl performances) to be one of the best conferences in the nation. They went up against a heavily favored Bama sqaud, lost their all-world QB early, were getting beat down at the half and somehow fought hard enough to come back and make it a heck of a ballgame with a guy calling the shots that no casual fan would have even recognized on the sideline if he was a t-shirt that read "Colt's Back Up Shot". Mack Brown has continued to bring in top recruiting classes and Texas has had more 10 win seasons in a row than anyone else, and given that they've already put a torch passing plan in place the teams winning ways should be secure for another 10 years. Luckily for UT fans (particularly the ones I was pouring back cocktails with in Vegas 4 hours after they sped out of Pasadena Thursday night and headed straight to the lobby bar at the MGM to drink away the pain), just a couple of days after their hearts were broken they got to turn their attention to basketball as Rick Barnes squad rose up and took over the #1 spot in the land (thanks to Tennessee's upset of Kansas). With a new top team to root for, Texas fans can rejoice in likely a very fun run until late March. Then, if for some reason their hoops team falls short as well, they can rest assured knowing that they have arguably the best collegiate baseball program in the country coming up on deck. The fans in Gainesville had a nice run, but it looks like college utopia is currently thriving deep in the heart of Texas.