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Quote Of The Hour: Bash Brother Bashin'

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As a feature of tonights SC, ESPN decided to put together a baseball version of 2-Pac & Biggie - a couple of 90's sports stars talkin mad $h*t via the media. I'm 100% sure that Jose Canseco is a slimey dirtbag who has shamed himself and the game, and who is not telling the truth about steroids because of a more objective, but rather to make money and screw the sport he believed screwed him - however, compared to McGwire he's a friggin saint. Big Mac has similarly only come groveling back to the public just so he can have a prayer of getting into the HOF and so that he can go work with Tony LaRussa in St Louis - who is basically the new McGwire as he lies to our faces and dodges questions about how much he knew about the Bash Bros juicing while he was in charge in Oaktown.

The QOTH was delivered by Canseco during his rebuttal to McGwire saying he wont stoop to Jose's level, when he called out Big Mac's tearful apology citing the classic Jimmy Dugan line as he sheepishly turned and looked directly into the camera - "Mark, there's no crying in baseball, you know that..."

ZINGGGGGGG! For a strange, twitching weirdo who literally got knocked out the last time we saw him on TV that's a hell of a line... Hopefully just enough to force McGwire back into the dark cave he's been hibernating in for the past 5 years.