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Frankie Muniz is Devastated

As if it couldn't get any worse than being a Clippers fan, today we find out that #1 overall pick Blake Griffin is out for the season - without having yet played in his first real NBA game. Despite countless terrible draft picks in recent years (can you say "CandyMan"!?!), the Clippers bucked a trend this past off-season and cashed in their lottery golden ticket for a player most everyone agreed was the best of his class. Griffin shined in the preseason and had the Clips fan (the lack if an "s" is because we're not sure there is enough for using the plural tense) all excited for the 2010 season. The thought was that he would be paired with a surprisingly strong Chris Kaman in the front court along with a still talented Marcus Camby,  and, utilizing the dual backcourt threat of youngster Eric Gordon (who was another good Clips pick last year) and a healthy and thriving Baron Davis, the Clippers had the ability to possibly make the playoffs near the 7 or 8 seed in what was supposed to be a weaker Western Conference. But not so fast my friend... The Clippers are a team of misfortune, and when your owner is a world class jerk you sort of expect bad karma to follow your squad. Unfortunately for the few folks who actually root on the Clips, it looks like they are going to have to wait until next season and keep their fingers crossed that this isn't a long term ailment.