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Love is Blind: Jason Whitlock and Brett Favre

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Jason Whitlock is a columnist on who has a knack for making extremely stupid and controversial points in his writing.  Often times he is able to hide his stupidity through the mere verbiage of his articles, but today he outdid himself (scroll to the bottom for his prediction of the Vikings-Cowboys to see Whitlock proclaim his love for Favre).  

He begins by talking about how Peyton Manning needs to lead his Indianapolis Colts to another Super Bowl to justify his standing among the pantheon of the game's best quarterbacks.  He claims that Manning's regular season numbers have been inflated by rule changes that have benefited quarterbacks and led to the dominance of the passing game in football.  

I actually agree with him on that, but my beef here is his choosing and picking which of the game's quarterbacks he applies this too.  Brett Favre has worse regular season numbers than Manning, his playoff record and numbers are virtually the same and he has benefited from the very same rules that Manning has.  

Both have won a Super Bowl and both have had a number of horrific playoff outings.  However for some reason, only Manning is put under Whitlock's ridiculous microscope.

Things actually get worse from here as he moves on to the topic of Green Bay's loss at Arizona and Aaron Rodgers.  I'll let Whitlock tell it himself.

7. There are several holes in all the Green Bay whining about the uncalled facemask penalty on Aaron Rodgers’ game-deciding fumble. 

The refs miss calls all the time. Rodgers missed Greg Jennings deep on the first play of overtime. The fact is, Brett Favre would’ve connected with Jennings. Packers fans know it and that’s why they’re whining about the hit on Rodgers. 

It’s a distraction so they won’t have to deal with the reality that Favre still throws the long ball better than Rodgers. 

I like Rodgers. I like the way he played in that game. He has yet to justify Ted Thompson’s decision to run Favre out of Green Bay. Maybe next year. 

I think it's time for Whitlock to hop off of Favre's nuts at this point.  Are you joking me?  His argument is that Favre no doubt would have made that throw while Rodgers is somehow an abject failure so far because he missed a 50-yard, triple move, deep post bomb.  

First of all in Favre's last playoff game with the Packers in 2007 he handed the game to the New York Giants, throwing Corey Webster an interception in overtime that set up the game-winning field goal.  Why don't we go back to his great showing against the Rams in the 2002 playoffs.  That was the one where he threw 6 interceptions, including three returned for touchdowns, an NFL playoff record.   

Sorry Jason, but the idea that Rodgers hasn't justified Thompson's decision to "run" Favre out of town is an absolute joke.  Anytime you have a guy who throws for over 4,000 yard, 30 TD, 7 INT's and completes 64.6% of his passes in his second season as a starter, I think you're decision has been justified. 

Whitlock's standards for evaluating quarterback play not only is useless, but clearly a case of somebody having a little too much Favre in his life.