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You Can Tell Just By Looking At Him That...

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Mike Nolan is a grade A SOB. I can't stand him, I can't stand his face, his smug mug is just begging for backhand. When he coached the Niner's he walked, talked and acted like he was a god's gift to football. He wanted to wear suits on the sidelines in order to pay tribute to his father and other coaches from that era including Hank Stramm. I am pretty confident that Hank Stramm wouldn't be looking for tribute from the likes of you and your 18-37 career record. Here's an idea make the playoffs, and then maybe you can play dress up on the sidelines.

Anyhow, it comes as no surprise that you got let go from the Broncos today, you are a good defensive mind but you were obviously just to much of an A*hole to merit keeping around.