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1/18/19 - Bye Bye Buffet

Sun Life Player Robbie Dolphin Shark Stadium - Fresh off the demolition of my beloved Orange Bowl, the folks who call the shots at the stadiums around the Miami area have pulled out another gem selling the naming rights to the new home of the Hurricanes to the never before heard of "Sun Life Financial". The stadium has gone through more name changes that Sean Combs or Cher's son/daughter, but we actually kind of liked last season's title du jour of "Land Shark Stadium". While it was a bit ironic to have the stadium named after a make believe land-faring giant fish where the biggest draw is a team named after a real life sea-faring mammal, we were stoked that the building was all about a Jimmy Buffet line of beer that actually ain't half bad. Miami city officials, for years, have been treating local fans like crab - knocking down the OB, constructing the abhorrent Miami Arena, etc - but I thought they had finally settled on a decent name, that actually encapsulated the aura of the town. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be the case - and now the stadium that is home to this years Orange Bowl, Pro Bowl & Super Bowl is named after some boring bank no one has ever heard of. Attending a Canes game at Land Shark already felt a lot like a bowl game and had all the local feel of a casino on the Vegas strip, but now it seems like every game might as well be just called the "Sun Life Bowl" or whatever strange bank takes over when Sun Life goes out of business. When we get our team we will do our very best to not whore out the stadium name to whatever local biz decides to pony up the most cash and will let the fans decide which sponsor or honoree should get the namesake for our home field.