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Pants on the Ground

If you weren't watching the Vikings/Cowboys the other day, you probably missed the highlight of the game, which came after Tony Romo finally stopped running the ball all over the field (which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if he actually scored).

During the FOX postgame show, cameras cut to the Minnesota locker room where an over-hyped Brett and the Vikings (not a bad name for a 50's doo-wop quartet) covered the now infamous "Pants on the Ground" as made famous by 62 year old General Larry Platt on American Idol this week. And if you haven't heard "Pants on the Ground" then you probably missed out on this game, too.

Press play for the not-so-great version from YouTube, or click here for the better quality footage straight from the Vikings locker room.

So if Brett Favre = General Larry Platt, then Tony Romo = William Hung?