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Weezy's curious gift to Every Coach's Dream

So I was just came across this interesting piece of news - apparently Lil Wayne, much like the AP, decided to reward Chris Johnson for his amazing season with a commemorative plaque, however (if you are too lazy to click the link) Wayne decided that a fitting award for Chris Johnson would be a very large plaque that praised Wayne for his Carter III album having sold 8 Million ringtones...? I mean what? OK Wayne you are a rap genius and all but that is akin to having a buddy pass the BAR and sending him your high school varsity letter. It is just so weird and funny that I think that Wayne may be on to something - Wayne sets a lot of musical and fashion trends maybe "inappropriate gifting" will be the next big thing to sweep the nation. My sister is getting married this summer - maybe I'll hook her up with the golf ball I got a hole in one with. For my parents anniversary I will give them my "top salesman of the month" award that I got back in '04. Wayne drinks codeine cough syrup on the reg and smokes so much weed that the only explanation for this gift is that his gift giving judgement must have been severely "clouded"...all in all it is a seriously hilarious thing to do.