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Do Not Spell Loudly in Qualcomm Stadium...

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As a lifelong New Jersey resident and Miami Dolphins fan, I am well aware that the obnoxious behavior of some Jets fans seems like it should be criminal (an octaganerian woman once threatented to light my Dan Marino jersey on fire with me in it, I was 6)...but this video of a Jets fan being arrested at last weekends Chargers game is beyond ridiculous. To be fair, there looks to be some editing here, but unless the poster of the video edited out the portion where this guy was chucking piss filled beer bottles, I can't imaging what offense this guy could be charged with. Based on my observation, this guy was arrested for nothing more than putting on a clinic of world class spelling. J-E-T-S! Yeah we got it, take the spelling bee to O-H...I-O.

To make some lemonade out of this lemon, take notice of how nice some of these Chargers fans are. Half of the section ends up sticking up for this guy, who at the very least was major pain in their asses only minutes earlier. One Chargers fan almost gets himself arrested over the whole thing, and then the worlds worst Shawne Merriman impersonator actually takes the time to offer Ms. Jet-fan his contact info. Honestly, who volunteers to get in the middle of a court case. Next your going to tell me they don't have jury duty in San Diego...they just pick jurors from the line that forms around the courthouse every morning.

If this happened in New York, Philadelphia, D.C., or Oakland, those cops could have shot the opposing team fan on site and they would have been showered with cheers. Take notice Jets fans, the next time you are in East Rutherford on an icy winter Sunday when you spot an enthusiastic gentleman in an ill fitting powder blue Natrone Means jersey...maybe, just maybe you will consider aiming your urine soaked snowball in another direction.