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Brock Lesnar Healthy, Set For UFC Return

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The biggest draw in MMA is ready to return. Brock Lesnar hasn't fought since beating Frank Mir at UFC 100, and over the last few months was sidelined with a mystery illness that turned out to be a rough bout with diverticulitis. Throwing the UFC's biggest star out of the loop took his title fight with Shane Carwin off the table multiple times, and has set up what was believed to be an interim title fight between Carwin and Mir this spring.

We were promised a health update on Lesnar this week, after he got some important test results last week, and everyone can certainly be pleased that Brock is healthy enough to head back to the octogan.

Questions still remain, of course. We expect Lesnar to return in the summer, hopefully by June, to square off with the winner of the upcoming Frank Mir-Shane Carwin fight. But will Lesnar be back to his old self? He apparently lost 40-pounds while in hospital, though he has added 30 of those pounds back already. Will Lesnar be any more of a fan favorite now after his bout with what had been reported in some circles as a career and life-threatening illness? Or will Brock still be the fighter fans most love to hate?

But really, the questions aren't important for now. The most important thing, of course, is the health of Lesnar. And for all the questions we have, what we know for sure is that Lesnar's return is a great thing for the UFC, the fans, and the sport.

Welcome back, Brock!