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Old Skool + New Skool = Very Cool

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Tonight the Lebron's crew got a solid W at home against the Lakers - but the coolest thing on the court (other than McLovin sitting front row) was the Cav's throwback jerseys in that retro burgundy. Although the NBA teams are kind of hosed because they all have to wear adidas - and we all know every hoopster wants to only rock Jordan brand - the Cav's do an awesome job in bringing back old skool looks and freshening them up with a new style. For starters it looks cool, but its also a genius way to sell more LeBron jerseys. When we get our squad, you can believe that we will be sporting some very clean fits - and they will all be for sale in the concession stands... even the sliding shorts.


Courtesy of David Liam Kyle/NBAE/Getty Images