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"Off" Season Football

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I guess we should all be thankful that Vince Wilfork doesn't stuff the run in nothing but a jockstrap...
I guess we should all be thankful that Vince Wilfork doesn't stuff the run in nothing but a jockstrap...

With the recent end to the college season and as the Super Bowl inches closer, I was beginning to get that uncomfortable feeling that settles in in mid February each year when I realize its going to be at least 6 months until I get football back in my life. So in my searches for alternative football options, I recently was turned on to the "LFL" - which most non-perverts will know as the league version of the Lingerie Bowl. I recall a few years back when they came up with this concept and ran a PPV special during the Super Bowl halftime featuring a bunch of scantily clad broads bouncing around a football field, but I had no idea it had actually been turned into a league!

While the concept sounds exciting at its core - I mean football + hot naked chicks, how could you go wrong?! - I think its sort of like Communism; really good on paper, not so much in reality. I checked out a few of the highlight reels of aptly named LFL teams like the Los Angeles Temptation and Dallas Desire and it left me a little confused at what I was supposed to be watching for. Although they do seem far more athletic and serious than I expected, they cant possibly be pushing this product as high quality football action - heck they literally throw like girls. And I don't really get the sexiness vibe, as the chicks are spending the whole time brute-ing it up and twisting ankles and tearing ACL's isnt really my cup of tea. I sort of understand the audience for the WNBA - independent, athletic women looking to feel empowered (and their sissy husbands) - but who is turning up for these LFL events? Is it guys who just love football so much that they'll go to anything that advertises passing the pigskin or is it the same creepers who attend porn conventions to get autographs of their favorite "actresses"? I guess the reality could be that its more like a WWE event and all about the entertainment and the show, and not so much about the action on the field.

Either way, I'm pretty sure when we put the type of league to a vote that mine will not be going towards running an LFL franchise - but if thats what the fans want who am I to argue... bring on hot half-naked chicks!