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A Happy Ending in the NFC

While none of us at Project Franchise are particularly big Saints or Vikings fans - and some of us actually can't stand Brett Favre - it is good to know that no matter who wins tomorrow night, it will make for a nice story for a deserving and supportive local fan base. The Viking's Puple People have been putting up with Arctic winters, rooting on their hometeam with some serious ferver, despite not having won a championship since the merger. Even more pained are the fortunes of the local fans in New Orleans, who spent decades in the Superdome witnessing literally pathetic displays from the 'Aints. However, there is a new sheriff in both towns - or at least new QB's - that have gotten both teams on the brink of glory in Miami.

Up north, Brett Favre has spent a whole season working to improve his formerly great and then damaged image, as a diva QB who didnt have enough gas left in the tank. After ending his historic career in Green Bay with an NFC Championship game OT pick to the Giants two years ago, Favre has played like the old Favre (actually even better) this season and has taken the Vikings from a nice team to a really good team and given Vikings superfan Prince something to sing about.

On the other side, Drew Brees's well documented comeback tale, after a shoulder injury left him as damaged free agent goods, to be one of the best passers in the league, is clearly nothing compared to the amazing resiliency the people of New Orleans have shown as they've worked to rebuild the Crescent City in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

To help cap off both QB's and fanbases heartwarming stories, tomorrow's game is expected to bring all of the fireworks and fun that we've come to expect from both teams - we're just rooting for a good game and hope that all of the fans go home happy, and at the end of the season thats what we're really all about.