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My Championship Sunday Wish...

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is that Brett Favre and the Vikings have to play from behind from the get go and Favre puts up one of his trademarked 4 pick performances...then near the end of the game when the Vike's are down 3 td's the camera pans to the crowd, lands on Joe Montana, and the announcer says "I'll tell you what, Favre is good, but he'll never compare to that guy right there" and then the next shot is Farve crying and then they go back to Joe and the camera spots him hugging Steve Young actually catching the exact moment where they end their long running fued, and then out of nowhere comes Flash 80 and he looks at Steve and Steve looks at him and they say to each other simultaneously "should we tell them?" and then they annouce that they are coming out of retirement and have both signed three year deals with the Niners. That would be my Championship Sunday wish..that and infinity wishes of course.