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It Sucks To Be Johnny Damon

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At the beginning of November, Johnny Damon was coming off the best offensive season of his career, capped off with a World Series victory with the Yankees. With that, Damon headed into free agency. It's safe to say that Johnny Damon and his super-agent Scott Boras were expecting quite the payday coming his way.

Turns out, the market for aging left-fielders that are major defensive liabilities isn't as big as one might have imagined.

The Yankees added outfielder Curtis Granderson as well DH Nick Johnson, taking away the clear spots for Damon on their team. They do appear interested in having him back - if he's willing to accept a one-year contract worth $2M. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that probably isn't what Damon had in mind in November.

That's okay though, there must be a bunch of suitors for the slugging Damon, right?

Or... not. Some of the rumored suitors at the start of the off-season are openly uninterested, like the Seattle Mariners, who have led the way for the new defensive focus across Major League Baseball. The San Francisco Giants have passed. Recently, the Atlanta Braves and Detroit Tigers were mentioned as possibilities, having some open holes that Damon could fill - but they've denied having any interest, too.

Turns out that $2M, one-year offer from the Yankees may be as good as it gets for Johnny Damon. Even if it's not, it's hard to imagine Damon getting anything like the multi-year, 8-figure offer him and his (rumored to be) evil agent had desired.

However it turns out, I think I speak for many when I express pure joy over Scott Boras having to eat crow on this one.