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The Limits to Being a "Die-Hard" Fan

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We at Project Franchise make it very clear that we are seeking true, die-hard fans who know that they can do a better job running a sports team than the owners and general managers that have been making their lives miserable for years. Together, we'll run a minor-league team the way we know it should be done!

However, we do want it to be clear that the word "die" is not meant literally. We are all fans who get incredibly invested in our favorite teams, and I know I try to spend as many summer nights as I can by a TV during baseball season. As much as we love passionate sports fans, I think this man may have found the limit. The Hour has a unique story today, called "Dispute erupts when wife cancels ESPN, cable TV." The story describes a domestic dispute ending in a man holding his wife at knife-point over her decision to cancel the household's cable, including the World Wide Leader in Sports, for economic concerns.

Luckily, when our team takes the field, we'll be so involved that every game will feel the SuperBowl, so hopefully none of us will feel the need to go to that sort of extreme over one game, even if it is the real f'n SuperBowl!

So in conclusion: Passion = Good; Knife-Point = Bad.