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Hey Gilbert...We've all been there too

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Have you ever done something or said something that you thought was going to be wildly funny but in turn ended up pissing someone off, made you feel like a jerk, and possibly lead to your being reprimanded in some way? For instance one time I saw a girl wearing one of those ID bracelets and in my ten year old wisdom thought it would be funny to ask her, "What is that thing for? In case you forget your name?" She turned to me solemnly and said "No, actually I have cancer". Not only did I feel like a dick, but I may have ruined this girl's birthday party. Needless to say I felt bad and wished I never said it (I still think it was kind of witty - ID bracelets are stupid). Gilbert Arenas was probably trying to be funny when he placed the three guns near Javaris Crittenton's locker - Gilbert thought it would be a clever way of jokingly threatening him - but actually Javaris got pissed (no shit) and now Gilbert may lose his season and possibly do a bid. We've all been there, we've all gone a little too far unintentionally, most of us have gotten away with just feeling bad and having to apologize profusely, what should happen to Gilbert??