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BoomShakalaka!!!...The Prodigal Game Has Returned.

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Old School or not this is the first game that is going into our stadium's arcade.
Old School or not this is the first game that is going into our stadium's arcade.

I couldn't have been happier today when I was browsing the internet ("what the f is the internet?") and saw this beautiful article on - for those of you too lazy to click the link or who have weak deductive reasoning skills, it announced the return of NBA JAM! which is quite possibly the greatest arcade game of all time. If you are somewhere between the ages 22 and 32 years old you undoubtably spent quite a good amount of your time and allowance pumping quarters into this revolutionary game. I personally spent many hours at a local pizza joint playing with a friend under the username Bob Aug 10 - I can't possibly tell you why I chose that username seeing is that neither my nor my friends name has Bob in it nor are our birthday's August 10th. I can't tell you exactly how many games I played but but I know I had somewhere near 250 wins and 150 losses, each game cost $2 per player per team (50 cents a quarter, what a rip?!) and my friend and i played most games together on the same team - so conservatively we pumped $1500 into that beautiful glowing machine. From what I recall we attained the 3rd highest position, I never knew who was number 1, but I did find out that the number two player "POE" was a little stoner kid that lived up the street from me. We mostly played as the Magic with Shaq and Skiles (Who wasn't Shaq crazy in those days? One of my friends got the word "Shaq" shaved into his head, but that is another rather f-ing hilarious story for another day), we also played a bit as Hakeem Olajuwon and Kenny Smith and rarely as Shawn Kemp and Benoit Benjamin - who the hell wanted to be Benoit freaking Benjamin? There was nothing better than getting on fire and busting the helicopter dunk and for some reason we always had Shaq busting three's while Skile's manned the boards...?

I have a real love for that game and when we own a stadium there will definitely be an arcade in it for the fans both young and old (don't worry we'll have a security guard in there to keep out the perv's). NBA JAM will be featured prominently along with all the other great simulator games of yore - Daytona 500 anyone??. If you were going to an arcade what games would you be looking for? Let us know in the comments what sports video game would bring you back to the time in your life when all the money you needed was the quarters jammed in your pockets and the only bank you needed was the change machine?