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Alabama vs. Texas - Who Do You Like Tonight??

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This is one of those "kick off the covers" mornings because you know at the end of your crappy cubicle enclosed day or long monotonous hours of florescent lit classroom hell that you will be able to settle down on your couch or belly up to the bar and enjoy the penultimate college football game of the year. The only possible negative this day brings is when Deb from accounting comes up to you around 3 in the afternoon and asks, "are you going to watch the game tonight?". There are basically three ways to answer this; the first is to act surprised and say, "holy shit! - that's tonight?" or you could say in a very sarcastic tone, "what game?", and if you truly don't know that there is a game tonight it is as good of time as any to come out of the closet. Enjoy the festivities tonight folks!!