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The Coach on Player Violence Epidemic...?

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What is going on in college football? Today yet another coach was fired for allegedly committing violence against one of his players. Jim Leavitt of USF was fired for allegedly choking and punching one of his players. I had been a bit skeptical when Mark Mangino and Mike Leach were fired - it sounded to me like the respective colleges administration's were "looking" for cause and used these somewhat nebulous incidents as cause to terminate their contracts. Jim Leavitt's case seams different in that there is allegedly a clear case of brutal violence used by the coach against a specific player, and in a press conference this morning the university president seemed clearly upset that the situation had occurred and that ultimately there was no choice but to fire Leavitt.

I try not to be naive', even though I DO think wrestling is real - and I am sure coaches using violence against players has been happening since the beginning of time. What do you think about all this - are coaches more violent today? Why? Would you let your son or daughter play for a coach with a reputation for using corporal punishment? Have you yourself ever had violence used against you or been witness to coach on player violence? What would you do if you were an AD and found out that your head coach had engaged in some sort of fisticuffs with a player?