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A Wild Wonderful Weekend

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Wild Card weekend is upon us and I am fired up - this is the best weekend of NFL football every year. What do you guys think - are you as stoked as I am? Or are you suffering from a bit of deja vu' from last week? I do have to say that since I dont give a f about any of these teams I wish it felt like I didn't watch these games last week, but I do think the games will be much more exciting than last week's lay-down-don't-show-your-cards crapfest's.

I guess I am just looking for "good" games, the outcomes don't matter much (except Tony Homo and Dallas better lose). Come to think of it I am tired of just looking for good game's, when am I going to have a game that means something for my team (the 49ers) ? I haven't had a good post season game to look forward to in almost a know what, screw Wild Card weekend - I am going golfing!