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Philly Phans Are Ph-ing Jerks

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As a Niners fan, stewing at home in disappointment on this Wild Card weekend waiting for the Eagles - Boys game later today, I wanted to give the bird honor Philly fans by pointing out that they are easily the biggest Jerks in sports. While I must admit that this video is pretty funny and am actually more embarrassed about how wussy the wine-drinking Niners fans are, the classiness of the Philly fans really helps explain why the greatest things to come out of the city is a fake, semi-retarded boxer and a greasy pile of meat covered in cheese whiz (In case you didn't know, a proper Philly Cheesesteak is made with the east coast equivalent of nacho cheese). Philly fans have long been known as total A-holes with a penchant for booing the home team, chasing out their biggest stars and being belligerently obnoxious about their sports teams, which - until the Phillies recent success - hadn't won squat in a full generation.

Luckily the Eagles laid an egg in a lay down game last week against the Cowgirls and now their home fans wont have the good fortune of being able to chant "To-ny Ho-mo" all day and instead are relegated to watching them on TV.

The view for visitors at Lincoln Financial Field can get a bit blurry at times

While the video is laughably horrible - particularly since you know the bulk of those snowballs are being chucked by fully grown men and raging WT broads (can you imagine your own parents actually at a game throwing snowballs at opposing fans with such angst?!) - at least the Niners fans can take solace in knowing that Philly fans are such wretched heathens they even threw snowballs at Santa... And to be totally honest, I'm really just jealous that for yet another year my team missed the playoffs while Andy Reid runs the old skool Niners offense to perfection again and again - and Eagles fans get to have games late into January every year.