NFL Week 7: Look Into Past For ‘Future’ Value On Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills suffered a loss in Week 5 that could have an impact on their rest of their season, but for sports bettors, let’s let history guide us to what might be an excellent buying opportunity in the present.

In the NFL week 5, the Buffalo Bills underwent a huge loss. They were listed for the entire week at ‘Pick em’ in their home against the Jaguars. In their first four games, Bill tried to gain more than 14 points. But, they could not impress the bettors. In 2009, the Bills were favored for four times. Sports betting public was responding in pretty way on this as they went 3-1 ATS. All the sportsbooks started reporting that over 60% of betting action was on the home side by the time the game was ready to kickoff.

In the first half, the bills hanged over and they managed to lose the straight-up there by inspiring few bettors to raise a question that would the Bills win at least one game in this year?

Our sportsbook offers NFL betting lines for all the remaining games from now on till the end of the NFL regular season through a unique ‘Prospective Betting’ option. Bettors can have a look at the spots and lock in betting action on a worthful line.

We are ready with one which you can consider and the interesting thing is that you do not even have to wait to cash the ticket.

Week 7 NFL: BUFFALO BILLS @ BALTIMORE and the Prospective Line: Ravens -17

An impressive win of Baltimore against Denver is coming away. Baltimore would face the Patriots in Week 6 as they are with bye in Week 5. For Patriots, this would be a playoff challenge and revenge as they were eliminated by the Ravens (33-14) on home turf. SO, they are again ready for fight this year too.

It might be winning or lose, disappointment for the Ravens in the next game is certain. When a team with zero wins is moving ahead into its ‘bye week’ and also, getting more than a touchdown after their break, playing on this dog since 1990 has ensued in only one loss.

During the bye week, the Bills won’t sustain any injuries.

This Week’s ‘Prospective Betting’ Pick: Take the Ravens

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