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Yankees Fans Shaking In Their Pinstripes

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After taking game one of the ALCS in Texas, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion in the minds of Yankee fans that this series was coming back to NY to end with the team once again being crowed AL Champs.

But, as the semi-senile Lee Corso likes to say this time of the year - Not So Fast My Friend!

The Rangers have answered back with an offensive vengeance, lighting up the Yank's starters and relief pitchers alike for 25 runs in the last three games - while Texas' own staff has done a superb job limiting the "Bronx Bombers" to only five runs over the same span. The worst loss came Monday night as Cliff Lee threw a gem of a game, as the Yanks got shut out at home after Texas scored two runs in the first inning, and then poured on six more in the ninth for good measure.

Texas dominant performance over the last three games isn't that much of a surprise to anyone watching outside of NYC, as they have put together great starting pitching, with a solid bullpen and a murderers row line-up. However, this sudden turn of events must be hitting Yankees fans like a ton of bricks.

Almost nowhere in sports has a collective fanbase been more spoiled by the riches of their teams success (built upon the riches of the team of course) than in the Bronx. The Yankees have won more World Champions than any other team - times about seven - and seem to be the best team in the best division every single year. So, while its hard to feel sorry for the fans uptown, one can imagine how shocking this whole turn of events must seem to New Yorkers, who have become the most confident (with the aforementioned good reason) fans in baseball.

The Yankees now have one more game in their new palace, which they have to win if they want to get back to Texas with any chance of pulling out the miracle comeback and getting to the World Series to square off against the Giants or Phillies.