Future Value on the Bills - Really

The Buffalo Bills suffered a loss in Week 5 that could have an impact on their rest of their season, but for sports bettors, let’s let history guide us to what might be an excellent buying opportunity in the present.

Buffalo was listed throughout the week at 'Pick em' in their home game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Bills had managed to put up more than 14 points just once in their first four games but were still attracting enough attention to force sportsbook to shade Buffalo into the role of home favourite.

The Bills were favored four times in 2009, going 3-1 ATS and the sports betting public was responding favourably to them in this spot. By the time the game was set to kickoff, online sportsbooks were reporting over 60-percent action to the home side.

Buffalo hung in for the first half but as they so often do, managed to lose straight-up, prompting some bettors to ask the question, “Will the Bills win even one game this year?” offers lines on the Bills for every one of their remaining games from now until the end of the season through a unique ‘Prospective Betting’ option, bettors can look for spots and lock in action right now on a valuable line.

We’ve got one for you to consider and the best part is you don’t have to wait long to cash the ticket!


Prospective Line: Ravens -17

Baltimore is coming off an impressive win against Denver and travels to face a Patriots team in Week 6 that was off in Week 5 with a bye. No one can really be sure how well the Pats will respond to the loss of Randy Moss but if their pre-bye game against Miami was any indication (Moss was invisible), New England should be fine.

This is a playoff revenge spot for the Pats, who were eliminated by the Ravens in a 33-14 loss on home turf in January. Both teams are playoff calibre once again this year and will be ready for a big fight.

Win or lose, the likelihood of a letdown the next game for the Ravens certainly exists and there is a betting system in effect that makes the plus-17 points seem almost too good to refuse:

When a team is winless heading into its bye week and is getting more than a touchdown immediately following their break, playing on this dog has resulted in only one loss since 1990.

Buffalo will not likely sustain any injuries during its bye week. With a line like this and the proven history of this system the value play in Week 7 is on the dog.

‘Prospective Betting’ Pick of the Week: Take the Ravens

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