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Incredible Sports Weekends Continue to One-Up Themselves

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Last weekend brought us the first of the hyped up Roy Halladay-Tim Lincecum matchups, mixed into a full weekend of League Championship tilts from the AL and NL. Combined with NFL action and a free-to-air (in North America) UFC card, it was a pretty fun weekend for any sports fan.

But as fun as it was, this weekend looks like it should be able to top that, and be a very memorable few days for all sports fans.

If there's one thing better than playoff action in baseball, it's playoff action with possible eliminations, and that's exactly what we'll be delivered this weekend. It kicks of tonight as the Texas Rangers try for the second time to pull off the upset and eliminate the New York Yankees. It will be Colby Lewis and Phil Hughes battling it out on the mound, and the last time they matched up, the Rangers did prevail. The New York market makes up a great deal of baseball fandom, but for pretty much every other fan out there, a Texas-sized knockout to the Bronx Bombers would be something to rejoice.

If the Yankees pull off the win, then Saturday turns into an epic sports day. The Yankees-Rangers would play Game 7 in the evening, with the Rangers throwing Cliff Lee to battle Andy Pettitte. Lee has been ridiculously dominant this post-season, just as he was last year, and it seems that when he comes to the mound in an important game, its worth tuning in to see what kind of spectacle he may put on.

Should the Rangers beat out the Yankees in tonight's Game 6, meaning that no Game 7 is needed, the Game 6 clash between the Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants gets bumped to the night slot, rather than being played in the afternoon. This series has had a ton of surprises and some incredible games already. The Game 6 battle features Roy Oswalt, who struggled in a surprise relief appearance in Game 5, taking on Jonathan Sanchez. If the Phillies hang on, they'll force a Game 7 clash between Cole Hamels and Matt Cain on Sunday night.

To add to it all, the UFC holds a gigantic card Saturday night, to add to the awesome sports traffic jam. It will be one of UFC's biggest cards of the year, as their top draw and Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar clashes with Cain Velasquez, who is looking to become the first Mexican UFC champ.

Add to this a full-slate of NFL action, and it might be time to book a seat on the couch for the weekend. It should be memorable.