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Thump Thump Thump!

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We made some new sports fan friends this week who run a new website called Thump Games that let you play along with live sporting events - basically allowing you to challenge friends and foes to see who knows the game best, as it happens!

So far they have just launched Thump Football, which lets fans play along side live NFL and NCAA football games in real time. Players (watching on TV or in the stadium) predict the next play, and then Thump uses the official data feed from the stadium to score the predictions moments after each play - the more correct predictions the higher the score. So, for sports fans who think they know their team, Thump allows them to prove it.

Players can compete in private groups with just their friends or join larger public groups or play against everyone else who's "Thumping" their game. The Thump team includes a bunch of guys from around the actual sports world, so while they're still pretty small you actually can get the chance to go head-to-head against former NFL-ers and beyond.

Here's some Tweets from last weekend from some notable sports celebs who are using Thump:

Bill Romanowski: Where r all my challengers for @ThumpFootball? Just 8 ppl in my group: Romo's Raiders? Come challenge me! Use code: 'ROMO'

Matt Hasselbeck: @Dunny_24: @Hasselbeck hey are you playing @ThumpFootball tonite? Group name is Sonics. Join us.

Steve Sarkisian: Reminder check out @ThumpFootball, free game, predict plays while watching LIVE football. Try it out this weekend.

Phil Hellmuth: @ThumpFootball is addictive! Make picks as U watch live games & support Children's Hospital of Philadelphia! I play as "PhilHell"

Pete Carroll: if i thumped, i'd be watching for a trend on 2nd & 10 after an incompletion! thump it!

There's also an iPhone App and a mobile site, with Android, BlackBerry and Facebook Apps rolling out in the coming weeks. And they will also be enabling Thump Baseball, Thump Basketball, Thump Golf and Thump Cricket in 2011.