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Minneapolis Fans Should Be Thrilled To Have Moss Back

As the Twins fell behind 0-2 to the Yankees tonight and packed up the bus for a roadtrip to New York that will very likely be the last of their season, fans in the Twin Cities must be feeling a little bit like the folks in San Francisco - just with their sports flipped around.

Of course, unlike the 49ers, the Twins had a very good season, easily winning the AL Central before getting the unlucky draw to face the Yanks in the first round of the playoffs. This years Bronx Bombers are hardly deserving of their "Wild Card" title, as they are the reigning World Champs and finished the season just two wins shy of the best record in baseball - and one better than the Twins. Their bats have been hot in the first two games of the series and it appears that Minnesota is going to need a monumental comeback to extend their season.

At the same time, just across town the Vikings are welcoming back Randy Moss after he was nearly run out of town 5+ years ago and viewed by many to be a troublemaker who was too unstable in the locker room to justify his immense talent. But oh how time heals wounds - especially when the Purple People's offense seems to have taken a big step back with the loss of some key weapons from last years NFC Title game squad.

At the begging and pleading of Jared Allen, Viking's QB Brett Favre came back out of retirement for one last go at another ring - but so far this season has looked like he wished he was back on the lawnmower in Mississippi. The signing of Moss is sure to add a little pep in his old step (and arm) and helps to put Minnesota right back in the hunt as a legitimate Super Bowl contender. This surely has Vikings fans re-engergized about this season and, since they only gave up a future 3rd rounder, earns their GM Rick Spielman some major kudos for giving the people what they want - even if they didn't know they wanted it.

So, as the sun sets on the baseball season in Minneapolis, fans in the Twin Cities have new hope and it comes in the form of a lengthy, easily agitated superstar WR that they hope will help take them to the football promised land - or at least a bit further than the Twins.