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Rumors, Innuendos and Heartbreak - Jon Gruden At The Top Of Miami Fans Holiday Wish List

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Last night felt a bit like Christmas Eve for fans of The U, as Twitter and the Internet was a-swirl with rumors that the University of Miami had come to terms with former Buccaneers coach, and current ESPN analyst, Jon Gruden to take over the reins of the struggling football program. This left Canes fans waiting with baited anticipation for the official announcement this morning - unfortunately the morning came and went and the only confirmation was Gruden announcing he was committed to ESPN.

For Miami alumni it was like being a kid, waking up on Xmas morning expecting to find that the shiny, red bike you have been asking for everyday since Halloween - but instead seeing nothing but an ugly, oversized holiday sweater. Total letdown.

Last night the rumors began as some guy named Lake Lewis from the Sports Journey Broadcast Network (whatever that is?!) Tweeted that he had credible sources telling him Gruden had agreed to terms with Miami for $3 mil per year. This lead to a host of news articles, Facebook buzz and Twitter trending, that seemed to be legit when a fake Tony Kornheiser Tweeted that he too had confirmed the rumors. But, just as quickly as Miami fans could hang the stockings and break out the champagne, came word that the Gruden hype was just that - "hype".

Things got even worse for Miami today, when it became apparent that they are likely headed all the way across the country to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco, where they will get put on a national stage the night before the national championship and Boise State will be given the opportunity to further prove that they deserve to be considered an elite program, likely by taking the coach-less Canes behind the woodshed.

Despite Chucky's claims of not going anywhere, the talk hasn't completely gone away and Miami fans will be tuning in to the Cardinals - Niners Monday Night Football game this evening to see if Gruden is giving any signals - maybe a Dwight Schrute-esque orange shirt with a green tie... Even sports fans in Miami can dream for a snowy Christmas!