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Unsportsmanlike Conduct On The Fantasy Football Field

This is my opponents QB-stocked roster... Its pretty sad that John Skelton is looking pretty good to me right now!
This is my opponents QB-stocked roster... Its pretty sad that John Skelton is looking pretty good to me right now!

After a pretty solid 9-5 season (coming back from an 0-2 start), my 2010 fantasy football squad secured the second spot in our 4 team playoff last week, so I went into this past Sunday on cruise control, waiting for the post-season to begin next week. Unfortunately when you "rest your starters" in fantasy-land, they don't actually sit out the real world game, which has left me in quite a bind at the QB position.

My star QB this season is Aaron Rodgers, as he has been consistently strong and deserving of the early 2nd round pick I used on him in the draft. His back-up all year was Matt Cassel, who started the season a bit lackluster but has come into his own in recent weeks - so much so that he'd actually taken over the "flex" position in my starting rotation.

When Cassel went into surgery after a case of appendicitis last week I wasn't really too concerned, as this weeks games were irrelevant to me and I figured he could be easily replaced in the flex role.

But then disaster struck - Rodgers suffered a concussion in the Packer's loss to Detroit on Sunday and all of a sudden my team was without a QB. That wouldn't have been so bad if I had acted quickly or remembered not to have faith in the morals of the various college buddies in my Yahoo fantasy league - or simply adjusted the settings on the league to only allow teams to pick up a limited number from a certain position (I am the commish this year after all!).

Figuring that there was basically no one left in the league who cared about the QB spot next week, I thought I would be able to wait it out, see which one of them could play this upcoming week for the first round of the playoffs - and, if neither could go - I could pull in some low level starter off the bench and take my chances.

Unfortunately for me, the guy I'm playing against in the first round - a former frat brother literally nicknamed "Lickfoot" (and yes its for a reason worse than you think) - saw this as an opportunity for him to throw all sportsmanship out the window and go for the jugular. He used his "east coast advantage" this morning to quickly unloaded every backup RB, WR and TE on his team before I'd even woken up in LA, throwing caution to the injury wind, and picking up virtually every other available starting QB in the league. Then he took it one step farther and actually cut his Kicker to land himself one more QB and insure that he wont get any points for FG's and I wont get any for QB. 

So after a pretty solid season, I'm now left to spend this entire week checking the injury reports on both Rodgers and Cassel every hour - hoping and praying that one of them makes a miraculous recovery.... Otherwise it looks like Brodie Croyle will be leading me to the Super Bowl.