Sports Market: Boston Red Sox

This is a new series in which I will be talking about the market of a certain team. (Stats from

Boston Red Sox

The Sox are highlighted by a theme called "Red Sox Nation". In 2004, the Red Sox ownership staff started to use Red Sox Nation to earn money.Memberships for "Red Sox Nation" could be from $15-$300. The Sox are a quality team so people wanted to become a part of the Red Sox fan group.

The Sox are getting fans from all over New England and sometimes even all over the country. Fans of bad teams are looking to be part of a winning culture.

According to, the Boston Red Sox have the second most value in the MLB right behind they New York Yankees.

Team Value: $870 million

John Henry has built up this "Red Sox Nation" thing up too big, but it is working out perfectly. They usually have the highest local television rankings in the major leagues. They have sold out of every game since May 2003.

Fan Cost Index: $326

A family of four is going to spend an average of $326 per game. They are so willing to do this because people spend money to watch a good team (and to feed their kids).

Sponsors are willing to go with the Red Sox because as a result of the team being good, they have national attention which will showcase sponsorships.

Fenway Park: The history here is amazing and everyone wants a piece of it's culture. From the green monster to Yawkey Way, it's great.

The drawbacks about Fenway is that it is not greatly maintained and it has a limited amount of seats.

Players: No shortage of funny and talented players in Boston. From David Ortiz to Dustin Pedroia to Adrian Gonzalez, this team is talented. They are willing to spend for players and fans like that. Shirts are being bought at fast speeds.

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