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Brett Favre: One Fan's Thoughts

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Brett Favre captured here thinking about MVP's a Super Bowl, interceptions, and texting
Brett Favre captured here thinking about MVP's a Super Bowl, interceptions, and texting

I am neither a Brett Favre fan or a Brett Favre hater. I am from the west coast and while he did light up my Niners in the mid-nineties a couple of times I have never had strong feelings about him in one way or another. I saw a brief tribute to him on Sunday Night Football this last Tuesday accompanied by some pretty hilarious Bruce Springsteen music (I thought it was pretty cheesy and douchey, but I guess middle aged-middle Americans eat that stuff up so whatever). It got me to thinking what actually comes to mind for me when I think about Brett Favre''s career.

In terms of his quarterbacking I think of him as a tough imaginative playmaker, with a cannon of an arm and the ability to make something out of nothing. I think of him as a yardage gaining monster who threw the ball a ton, yet was never a tactician in the way of a Montana of a Brady. I think of him as getting more respect than he deserves with only one Super Bowl. I picture him making more dumb mistakes than he should of in crunch time, and doing lame Wrangler commercials. I see, in my mind, his teary retirement press conferences, but I respect his passion and love for the game that wouldn't let him say goodbye. He was like a kid not wanting to stop playing outside at night when the street lights came on. The whole texting scandal is just in my mind because it is current, listen the guy is just horny like everyone else. But it is kind of hypocritical as he is trying to promote this all American image and it sucks that he did that to his wife.

I guess all of the little parts of his career will lead to one unquantifiable macro question, where does he stand in terms of the all time great QB's? I would suggest he's number 5 or so. Where do you all think Favre should be considered in terms of all time QB's.