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Bowls This Year...Bo - Ring! (a preview of what's left to come)

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I love CFB, I love watching the game of the week on Saturday Night on ABC. I love watching whatever SEC matchup that CBS has cued up for the afternoon. I even enjoy watching Notre Dame playing USC in down years. Rivalry Week is amazing and I try to get out to Berkeley once a year to watch Cal play even though they always end up breaking my heart in one way or another when they are having "good" years. I usually love the bowls, they are always interesting and exciting matchups. There are a couple of bowls that stick out this year as watchable - Catholics vs. Convicts should be good this year, but honestly it is really the 80's nostalgia-factor that will ensure that this game is on in the background while I prepare for tonight's NYE XXX booze throwdown. Alabama v. Michigan State should be a good one and the Wisc v. TCU seems like a real snooze, but it will be playing at my house during my hangover is the Rose Bowl for crying out loud! Stan v VA Tech, should be interesting, if your NFL team has a shot at getting Luck next year. OSU v. ARK...who cares? And quite frankly I think the National Championship is going to be a route of epic proportions but at least it gives me a reason to drink on on a Monday. As for all of the other bowls that i didnt mention, well, those truly suck. Can anyone say playoff??