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John Terry: A Real A-hole

John Terry sitting next to Ms. Perroncel at a match in 2007.  
(IPS/Marcello Pozzetti).
John Terry sitting next to Ms. Perroncel at a match in 2007. (IPS/Marcello Pozzetti).

If you didn't know the World Cup will be taking place this summer in South Africa and while in America we watch with a passing interest, in a country like England where soccer is king, there is no bigger sporting event. Couple this with a belief among many in England that they finally had a team with the ability and poise to take the trophy and the outlook hadn't looked rosier since England's lone World Cup triumph in 1966.

That was until this weekend reports surfaced that England national team captain John Terry boned teammate Wayne Bridge's ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Perroncel.

Doesn't sound so bad considering it's the dude's ex, right? That is until you hear that Bridge had a child with her and they only broke up after he shifted clubs this summer, going from Chelsea (London) to Manchester City (Manchester).

In fact, Bridge was having such a difficult time with the break-up that he turned to his best friend and former Chelsea teammate for advice and understanding in his time of need. Who might that be you ask? If you guessed John Terry, you are correct.

That's right not only was this guy getting it on with a teammate's ex, said teammate happened to be his best friend. Bros before hos? Not in England I guess. Tiger Woods step aside and let John Terry bask in the limelight of infidelity for a bit.

Anyways what does this mean for the England national team? Nobody is sure yet, but there have been calls for Terry to be removed as team captain, though almost everybody is in agreement that Terry should still be on the plane to South Africa, considering his standing as one of the premier center backs in the world.

Terry though is a grade-A sleaze and I can guarantee you we'd get rid of any guy on our team that was screwing around with his own teammates' girl. To cap it all off, rumor has it that Terry knocked up Ms. Perroncel and then had her get an abortion when he found out.

Sweet dude. Not only did you decide to screw your best friend's ex-girlfriend, who he still loves, but you also neglected to follow the age old adage of "no love without the glove".

You also decided to do this even though you're married with two kids and are the captain of England's national side in a World Cup year where your entire country, which is obsessed with soccer, is expecting a good showing. Nothing like ruining team chemistry before the biggest tournament of your life. Good work buddy.