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The Bloggers Dilemma Turned Around

SB Nation's blogger who covers the Nuggets recently wrote an interesting piece that was a follow up to a post he had done about Melo sitting out his 6th straight game with a sprained ankle. In the article he discusses how his readers went after him for giving the "fan's perspective" and straying from hard journalism.

Its a weird balancing act that folks like him must do, which comprises the "blogger's dilemma" as to whether they should be doing the job of a beat reporter or an editorialist and how to stay somewhere in the middle, while successfully doing both.

Luckily for us at FOF, we get to give purely the fan's perspective as we are entirely "editorial" and don't have to cover a team from a hard news perspective. However, that will all change when our Project Franchise team, but our analysis wont - in fact, we expect it will get even more interesting as we will actually be giving the FOF perspective on everything we do - which will hopefully be all positive as the plan is for the fans to decide everything.

Along the way there will be an unprecedented amount of opportunities for our fanbase to create the total fan experience, so we're going to have to get very good at taking the good with the bad - time to thicken up our skin!

A Browns fan yells at Panthers players

How dare you write that about Derek Anderson?!?