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They Do Everything Bigger In Texas

The NBA All-Star festivities were held in Dallas today, where they do everything bigger - but tonight they really proved their point. Despite a dissapointing dunk contest on Saturday night and a unmemorable musical performance at halftime, the two teams combined to put on the solid alley-ooping display we've become accustom to seeing on All-Star Sunday - and they did so before a Guinness World Record sized hoops crowd of 108,713.

The new Cowboy Stadium, complete with its 800million sq foot jumbo-tron, played host to the massive audience and from all reports the city and venue did a very good job keeping the fans happy and entertained. All-Star games are all about the fan, and no pro league gives fans as great of access to their stars than the NBA - and for that longtime commish David Stern deserves some props for knowing how to keep fans so happy that a whole city of them will cram into a massive building to watch a game that technically doesn't matter.