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Update: Johnny Damon Still Unemployed

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Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training this week, with the rest of the players following a few days later. Beat writers are heading to Florida and Arizona, Twittering away about seeing Player A in the best shape of his life, while Player B plans to arrive any day now.

Johnny Damon, however, is still unsure where he'll be going.

A small market appears to have formed for his services, with the main teams mentioned being the Detroit Tigers and Atlanta Braves. The Chicago White Sox are mentioned from time-to-time too, with the Rays and Jays off in the background. The unconfirmed reports have Damon getting offers around $7 Million for one-year, with the belief that Damon and his agent, Scott Boras (who was fired this week by Felipe Lopez - a client who was still unsigned after a pretty strong year), are still seeking a two-year deal worth $14M.

Most expect that Damon will sign a deal with somebody this week. Still, his troubling off-season is a bit enjoyable to sit back and observe, as the bit of greediness we heard about the start of the off-season when he rejected what's rumored to have been a better offer from the Yankees - giving him a chance to stay put and at very least be in the playoff hunt - seems to be coming back to haunt him.

So whoever signs up Damon, maybe we can just make him squirm a little bit more?

And hey, at least there's interest in Damon. It's still rare to hear the name Jermaine Dye mentioned by anyone.