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The TV Makes Me Care

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Up until recently I was kind of ambivalent about the Winter Olympics, I could give a care less about any of the sports and really couldn't say that I had any of the event's start dates circled on my calendar or more appropriately programmed into my Tivo.  I figured that at best the Olympics would be on in the background as I went about my business.  (I am writing a musical).  This was before the onslaught of television that virtually forced me at gun point to care.  It started with the CBS "60 Minutes" piece of Shaun White and his secret training camp that was built for him deep in the middle of nowhere where they show him doing these insane jumps. He also was also born with a heart defect as a child - a story which pulled at my own heart strings and instantly turned his half pipe competition into Must See T.V.  Then it was on to the "Real Sports with Bryant Gumble" story with reporting by Frank Deford about figure skater Johnny Weir.  This freaking Johnny Weir is a real character who apparently has infuriated PETA with his fur costumes, I also must assume that he pisses the hell out of homophobic figure skating fans (which seems like can't be a huge group of people).  He apparently has been falling off a bit as of late, but you can bet your hot pink sequins encrusted jump suit covered ass that i will be tuning in to see if he can regain his swagger and also to see what kind of purse he might be carrying to the podium.  Finally there is Lindsay Vonn, is she hot???!!  I dont even know!! They tend not to use close up pictures of her but i will tell you that I know a lot about this chicks bruised shin and the fact that it might prematurely end her Olympic dream, an Olympic dream that she has been focused on since she left the ski in ski out hospital she was born at. I know that the weather has been cooperating to give her extra days to to rehabilitate, and by the time she takes the hill I will be at an excitement level of 11 waiting to see if she can make good on her dream.  I thank you television and your slick feature producing for making me care about these people - if only if it is for 2 weeks every four years.


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