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A Little Disappointed

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I am not an expert in terms of producing and broadcasting large scale sporting events for television, but there has to be a better way.  Tonight's schedule of events was arguably the most intriguing of the entire Vancouver games and 99% of the excitement was taken out of it for me after catching the results online before they aired on the west coast.  Now I understand that there is no perfect way to show every single event consecutively in prime time.  I know that they had to delay the Women's downhill because you cant hold the event at night, but I stumbled across the winner of the men's halfpipe while absent-mindedly surfing the web. I know it is basically my fault and I could've been more vigilant and not made MSN my homepage and not tuned into espnnews.  It's just that there is so much bs you have to sit through (cross country skiing, speed skating) it would be nice if they designed the telecasts so that you could tune in during prime time and not sit through three hours of hell in order to see the few minutes that make the Olympics as rad as they are.