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Tiger's Presser - 15 Minutes of BullSpit

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What a piece of shit waste of fifteen minutes of my life. He said nothing, gave us nothing, it was literally a joke. Where do you start? Literally every part of it was lame and stupid. I reported on this press conference on Thursday before it happened, because i felt that it was going to be milquetoast and therefore pretty easy to predict what was going to happen.

Tiger brought up his charity work quickly, total lame move. He brought up his buddhism and how he strayed from it, gimme a god damn break, you love sluts embrace it!. Buddha and his big belly aint gonna change that. He challenged the media, and told the paps to "leave his wife and kids alone!", oh yeah like that's going to happen. I wonder why Brad, Angelina, and Britney haven't thought of doing that? That was a stupid move by Tiger he shouldn't have wasted his breath. The only good thing that he said was that he apologized to the parents of the kids that he is supposed to be a role model to. How weird were the hugs that he gave out after he stepped down from the podium? So weird and scripted, whoever made him do should be slapped in the face for being a terrible PR person.

As a fan the only thing I am pissed off about is the fact that he made no announcement about his comeback, its the only thing I really care about. Anyway thanks Tiger, thanks for nothing, at least you didn't try to squirt out a tear.