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2/1/10 - Bash Brother Getting Bashed

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Jose Canseco - Yes, I know Jose was the only one speaking the truth in this whole steroids debacle and for that he is now supposed to be some type of honorable enemy, sort of the guy you cant stand but that you respect. Well as far as I'm concerned he is still someone I can't stand - and I even read his book, which ranked right up there with John Daly's "Life In & Out of the Rough". However, as much as I'd love for him to "fade into Bolivian", I am actually quite excited about this prospect of him throwing dukes with Herschel Walker in the octagon. Apparently Jo-se watched Walker's rookie beat down of Greg Nagy this weekend and somehow thinks that it makes perfect sense for him to be up next. Considering that Canseco once got knocked out while wearing protective headgear in a "celebrity" boxing match against former NFL return man Vai Sakehema, I'm pretty sure he's in for a world of pain going toe-to-toe with Herschel, whos is about 60 years old but still looks like a 24-year old stud. I wouldn't be willing to pay much cash to see it, mostly because I know I won't be getting much for my money, but I would set the TiVo and relish the beating of a guy who really wronged baseball and its fans for a solid decade.