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2/22/10 - Sayonara San Diego

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Chargers - It was only a matter of time and there really wasn't of a choice, but somehow the unceremonious release of LaDainian Tomlinson just doesn't quite seem right. He never got the Chargers to the Super Bowl, but he's got to go down as the greatest Bolt of all time and one of the top running backs in the history of the NFL. He had a rough start and finish to the 09-10 season, but he's only a few years removed from leading the entire league in every important stat line and was still a top fantasy pick even this season. The San Diego brass didn't have a lot of options for an aging, highly paid superstar who is clearly running out of gas, but we just wish there was some other way. It sort of felt like the city is abandoning its star again - like the time when Ron Burgundy got fired for unintentionally telling everyone in SD that they were a dirty bitch. When Project Franchise gets its team we will be sure to give our franchise star a send-off fitting for a king, Kareem Abdul Jabbar style, complete with a victory lap around the field in a golf cart while a fireworks montage rains down from above.