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2/22/10 - Big East Basketball

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Big East Hoops - Another Monday and another good day of basketball in the northeast. Tonight UConn may have just saved their season by holding home court and upsetting #7 West Virginia and likely earning themselves a spot in the NCAA Tourney. The 2009-2010 Big East isn't quite as dominant top to bottom as it has been in recent years, but its still a heck of a lot of fun to watch as quality teams seem to face off everyday. While the fan's in Morgantown may have a weird way of showing it, the parity in the conference this year has provided a ton of great match-ups and has us very much looking forward to what should be a heck of a Big East Conference Tourney, which starts March 9th and gets to be played in MSG - which is really a fitting home to what has become the best conference tournament in college sports by a mile year in and year out.