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What would you have done if you were Massimo F. d'Amore?

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Dear sponsors, don't forget images like this.
Dear sponsors, don't forget images like this.

Massimo F. d'Amore is a man with a very romantic name and a very powerful title - he is in fact the CEO of Pepsico Americas Beverages. Now, your immediate answer to the question posed in the title may be something along the lines of "install a drinking fountain that dispenses Pepsi in my house...why?". The truth of the matter is that today Mr. d'Amore as Ceo of Pepsico Americas is also the big boss of Gatorade and he today presumably authorized the decision to tell Tiger Woods to kick rocks. Now I'am sure the decision was made by some "Head of Global Marketing" or something but you get the point, if there was a man that could've stopped it, it was Massimo. I have thought long and hard today about what I would've done had I been in Mr. d'Amore's shoes (or whoever the hell actually made the decision). Tiger right now is toxic, I can totally see companies wanting to distance themselves from him and his whore mongering ways, however in the long run when this blows over, and it will, will they wish they never let him go? I think all of the sponsors that dropped him will one day in the not so distant future be kicking themselves or maybe more appropriately, be hitting themselves in the nuts with a 9 iron.

Say Tiger takes this entire year off, which I doubt he will, but for arguments sake say 2010 is a total wash. Tiger will come back at age 35 which for most golfers is considered the prime of their career. Tiger is a freak of nature who was the youngest ever to win a Master's, there is no reason to think that he cant keep winning majors until he is well past 50. When Tiger comes back it shouldn't take long for him to win a major this will be a huge event and hailed as a "comeback", it will also give him a chance to do another mea culpa and show the world that he is still working to become a better man. I picture a quote after winning his first major that goes something to the effect of "My game is in decent shape, but getting my game right was the easy part, in the home is where I have been and will continue to work as hard as possible on being the best husband, father and son that I can". (your welcome Tiger's people). By the time Tiger win's his second "comeback" major (his 16th) people will expect to hear something about his on going familial progress, but the focus will also shift to him catching Jack. By the time he wins the third (his 17th) it is full steam ahead to winning #18 and tying Jack and then beyond, It is when he wins #17 that this whole philandering thing is officially kaput. By my estimation he should be winning number 17 sometime around when he is 37 and then it is all gravy from then until when he stops winning them some 13 years later. I would advise any sponsors who may be thinking about dumping Tiger that they are leaving a lot of chips on the table and giving up the ability to be associated with some magical and historical future moments. I just hope Tiger doesn't mind the taste of Powerade.