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Brett Favre's Bumps and Bruises

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We always hear about the bumps and bruises that players have to play through in the NFL.  Have you ever thought about what exactly these bumps and bruises are and what they look like?  Is it similar to the bumps and bruises you get playing pick up basketball after a three month layoff where your main form of exercise was alternating who among your roommates was going to make the next beer run?  

Today I finally got my answer.

Rick Cleveland a writer for the Clarion-Ledger in Mississippi was questioning agent Bus Cook about one of his clients, Antonio Johnson on the Indianapolis Colts.  Eventually the conversation turned over to Cook's biggest client, the old gunslinger himself, Brett Favre.  

Cleveland asked Cook about how Favre's health was to which Cook responded by showing Cleveland some pictures of his ankle and hamstring the day after the Vikings' NFC Championship game defeat to the New Orleans Saints.  





Well that might explain why you'd decide not to run with space ahead you and make a poor throw across your body instead.  

There's a reason why Favre is the NFL's iron man, starting 285 consecutive regular season games and 309 games total including the playoffs.  You can criticize him for plenty of things from his questionable decision making on the field, to his flirtations with retirement and comebacks, but he is as tough as they come

For a 40 year old man to be jacked up like that and still be competing at the highest level in the NFL is simply amazing.  Damn you Brett Favre and my bipolar feelings about you fluctuating between admiration and disgust.